1. help! my mop ate my dog!
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    help! my mop ate my dog!

    [via swissmiss]

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  2. halloweenie is around the corner..

    .. and i’m tempted to buy these costumes to save for my future children.

    pottery barn kids via ohjoy!

  3. easy lunches

    it seems i’ve been inundated with school work the past few weeks (crunch time!) and i find myself whipping together quick and easy lunches to gobble down as soon as i get home from class.. mainly because i can’t afford to buy my beloved $10 chop’t salads every day. (side note: the santa fe salad from chop’t.. absolute deliciousness. avocado, corn, tomato, fried onion, pepperjack cheese, and the kicker - sweet+smoky chipotle vinaigrette. SLURP! i started getting chop’t salads when i wanted to eat “healthy,” esp. w/the impending maid-of-honor, don’t-look-like-a-cow duties, but then realized each of my santa fes had almost 800 calories.. oy. byebye santa fes.) lucky for me, a trader joe’s opened nearby (21st/6th) and i was able to stock up on lots of lunch time goodies. their roasted red pepper+tomato soup? YUM. literally licked the bowl! okay okay, beware of the pretty high sodium content, but really.. the most delicious blend of sweet and smoky flavors. this w/half a sandwich.. maybe some hummus and veggies if i’m feeling like a feast. super easy AND super filling. bam.

  4. how to cook like a top chef

    i’m one of those people that hates big bold branding emblazoned across clothing items. admittedly, i owned an ARMANI|EXCHANGE t.shirt or two in middle school, but those days are long gone. i guess the same applies to other arenas as well, and when i first saw the “how to cook like a top chef” book come out from the makers of the hit tv show on bravo, i thought.. it’ll probably be über cheesy. fast forward a month to present day.. this past week, i was working on my final paper for my psychology of media class about different media artifacts through the lens of cooking. i decided to discuss “giada at home” on food network (television), “cooksillustrated.com” (website), and “how to cook like a top chef” (text). i didn’t expect much when i bought the book from b&n, but i have to say.. top chef, you nailed it. the text is a cookbook and culinary primer in one and covers everything from knife skills to sauces and sous-vide. yeah, it also includes the predictable gossip, but it’s also infused w/the creativity of the chef’testants characteristic to the show. i must say, i was totally impressed.. bravo! (hehh, get it?) time to flag me some recipes.. :)

  5. mila’s daydreams

    new mama/photographer adele takes pics of her baby mila napping.. what a fun hobby! some of my faves:

    bookworm -

    a space odyssey 2010 -




    amazingly cute, right? the harry potter glasses! and, is that a paper plate astronaut bubble helmet?! love.. :D

    [via a cup of jo]

  6. big pet peeves

    incorrect use of “there” vs. “their” vs. “they’re” and incorrect use of “your” vs. “you’re”.. seriously, drives me nuts. i’m no grammar professional, by any means.. but, come ON. 

    their: “their misuse of the word..”
    they’re: “they’re misusing the word.”

    your: “your misuse of the word..”
    you’re “you’re misusing the word.” 

    oh, and yes.. guys that wear sunglasses indoors (e.g. at clubs) to look “cool” STILL irks me.. *rawr*

  7. happy (belated) july 4th..!

    (yes, i realize i am nine days late.) how did you all spend the fourth? *E and i were going to trek out to governor’s island for the she+him concert on the beach (zooey deschanel!), but seriously.. 100°+.. there was no way in hell that was happening, didn’t really feel like melting a la wicked witch of the west. instead, we camped out in front of the AC all day (aaaahhhhhhhhhh..) and finally ventured out to *hC’s rooftop when the sun went down. this was our view:

    i kinda like the spazzy look of that middle/right image.. fireworks are awesome, aren’t they? :D

  8. view from the dock in noank, CT. beautiful, isn’t it? a full post abt our adventure to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough to come soon! :)

    view from the dock in noank, CT. beautiful, isn’t it? a full post abt our adventure to Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough to come soon! :)

  9. oui oui, pah-reee!

    (the) one thing i loved abt working @ dior was being surrounded by french ppl w/the cutest accents. one of my absolute favorite cuisines is frrrench, so naturally, i am très excited to be going back to paris this summer! we just booked our hotel and will be staying at the hôtel royal saint-honoré - a few steps from place vendôme, the tuileries gardens, and the louvre. 

    can’t wait to find a random bistro, order a spread of cheese, pâté, escargot, and a bottle of wine. :D

  10. summer lasagna

    it has been SWELTERING here in nyc the past few days. as in.. humid, sticky, sweaty, sun ablaze.. *drip drip*.. yuck! to beat the heat (and trim a few calories.. bonus, cha ching!), i adapted a recipe that caught my eye in everyday food.. no-bake summer lasagna! seriously, so tasty.. and for a carnivore like myself, surprisingly super satisfying.


    • 3/4 cup ricotta
    • 4 tablespoons grated Parmesan
    • 3 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
    • coarse salt & ground pepper
    • 8 lasagna noodles, broken in half crosswise
    • 1 garlic clove, minced
    • 2 pints grape tomatoes, halved
    • 2 zucchini (~1 lb. total), thinly sliced
    • 1 tablespoon torn fresh basil plus more for serving

    1) in a small bowl, combine ricotta, Parmesan, and 2 teaspoons oil; season w/salt+pepper. in a large pot of boiling salted water, cook noodles according to package instructions; drain.

    2) meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat 2 tablespoons oil over medium-high. add garlic and tomatoes; season w/salt+pepper. cook, stirring, until slightly broken down, abt 3 minutes. transfer tomatoes to a bowl. add 1 tablespoon oil and zucchini to skillet; season w/salt+pepper. cook, stirring, until zucchini are tender, abt 5 minutes. transfer to another bowl and stir in basil. 

    3) place some tomatoes on four plates; top w/a noodle and small spoonfuls ricotta, zucchini, and more tomatoes. repeat layering twice, then top with remaining noodles and tomatoes. garnish w/basil.

    yumm.. bon appétit! :D

  11. dwell patterns | heath ceramics

    i’ve always wanted to start a blog. for the longest time, i’d mull over what to call it, what to include.. you know that quote from 40 year old virgin, “you’re putting the _____ on a pedestal”..? yeah, i’m taking the blog off the pedestal and posting my very first post on the most mundane thing possible.. TILE! :D not so mundane to this lover-of-all-things-domestic (*points at self*). how beautiful are these dwell patterns for heath ceramics?

    [click here! heathceramics.com/dwell-patterns]

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